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Our 2022 Makers

Thanks to all the makers who made our last event such a success! If you came along to the market and missed out, check these makers out:

2023 Makers to be announced soon...

Melb Ceramics Mkt22-114.jpg
Melb Ceramics Mkt22-98.jpg
Melb Ceramics Mkt22-78.jpg
Melb Ceramics Mkt22-59.jpg
Melb Ceramics Mkt22-136.jpg

Adele Jade
Adrianna Christianson
Ange Ceramics
Arcadia Scott Ceramics
Benna co
Birdrock Ceramics
Bisuketto Studio
Bogus & Co
Botanical Styling by Liz
Cass Lynch
Claire Ellis Ceramics
Csongvay Blackwood
Clay by Tina
Daisy Cooper Ceramics
Dawn Vachon
Degoey Planet
Eun Ceramics
Elena Strohfeldt Ceramics
Ghost Wares
Gillian Martin Ceramics
Joanne Linsdell
Juyeon Ceramics
Kate Bowman Ceramics
KENI Ceramics
Kuhl Design
Lisa Peri Ceramics
Louise Mueller Ceramics
Lucy Ceramics
Made by Miranda
Mark Gambino Pottery
Mayjay Ceramics
Milk Workshop
Mountain Clay
My Backyard Adventures
Nikolina Ceramics
Ochre Ceramics
Oh Hey Grace
R L Foote Design Studio
Room23 Ceramics
Sam McCarthy
Shewi Ceramics
State of Permanence
Tantri Mustika Ceramics
ThroughGood Pottery
Togetherness Design
Trade the Mark
Terrapotter Studios
Unearthed Ceramics
Usagi Ceramics
Wonki and J ceramics
Yen Qin
Flowers By Liz
Coffee by Pookie May
Ice Cream by Billy Van Creamery
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